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S150 M

S150 M

The S150M is arguably the most versatile slurry series that can perform in high flow, medium head, and most importantly can withstand heavy solid contents. Its unique design enables the S150M to create vortex motion when pumping fluid inside the wet end, causing the fluid to avoid direct contact with the impeller.

KING OF SOLID HANDLING – Our vortex-flow design is made to withstand heavy solid contents such as: slurry and sludge, sewage, water with large solids, and water containing rags and fibres.

COST EFFICIENT – STP pump is designed to last longer, making it more durable, reliable and cost less over their life cycle.

OPTIMAL POWER – We choose only the highest quality of engines to enable our pumps operate at optimum efficiency point with lower power consumption.


  • Medium head dewatering 
  • Heavy slurry removal up to 1.2 SG
  • Water boosting

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Engine Options Caterpillar (70 - 129 kW)
Flow Rate Max. up to 720m³ /hour
Shut Off Head 70 m
Max. Solid Size 76 mm
Inlet/Outlet Port 8’/6’
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