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ARW 65 Walk-Behind Roller

ARW 65 Walk-Behind Roller

The ARW 65 provides two-in-one capabilities that make it the perfect fit for every construction company. A high-amplitude setting provides a walk-behind roller that performs like it was custom built for work on soils and aggregates. By simply adjusting to the low-amplitude the operator can change to a roller that is a perfect fit on asphalt and bituminous materials. The machine is available with Hatz or Yanmar diesel engines, leaving the engine choice up to the customers preferences.

SOIL AND BITUMEN APPLICATION – High-amplitude setting for work on gravel/soil. Low-amplitude setting for asphalt and bituminous materials.

SAFETY FIRST – Equipped with safety handles to stop machine or change directions in certain situations.

EFFICIENCY ON EDGES – Clearance on both drum sides allows compaction work extremely close to obstacles.


  • Earthworks and asphalt applications
  • Sidewalks construction & repair
  • Sports grounds
  • Agricultural roads construction & maintenance
  • Forest access roads construction & maintenance

Download ARW 65 WALK-BEHIND ROLLER brochure
Engine Yanmar (6.1 kW)
Max. vibration frequency 65 Hz (3900 vpm)
Max. Centrifugal force 14/23 kN
Amplitude 0.3 mm / 0.5 mm
Max operating weight 712 kg
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